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You are preguntndote on the possibility of making money with blog installed in a gratuitous service (blogspot.com, wordpress.com, among others)? This is a very frequent idea between the mothers who want to work in Internet, but, It is really possible to make money with blog provided with accomodations in a gratuitous service? The short answer: Yes, the long answer is possible to generate income in blog gratuitous: It is possible but blog gratuitous can serve to generate income. In fact I have paid commissions to a bloguera that promotes my guide of businesses in blog gratuitous, through my program of affiliates. Nevertheless, the gratuitous sites have many limitations and is more difficult that you manage to make money. It thinks about the investment that requires any other business outside Internet. Until the smallest business it needs an investment, and the expenses of lodging and dominion very low are compared and so it costs to establish a conventional business. In addition, you go much more to sentirte motivated to work efficiently if you are paying to lodging and dominion. The fact of that you take yourself in serious will help to that another they take you in serious.

And vice versa. The gratuitous sites often have restrictions with respect to the policy of announcements, the type of content, among others. It is very important that in your business you are you yourself that makes these decisions, and that you are not yourself tied of hands the moment for offering publicity or for placing connections of affiliates. But one of the most important preoccupations is the possibility that overnight your blog disappears. The companies that offer these gratuitous services not give no guarantee you of permanence of your blog, and although are few the cases of blogs that they disappear, this usually happen. In this case, although you would have endorsements, be lost your positioning in the motors search and you would practically have to begin of zero.

Sometimes, with all the pending expenses, it can seem difficult to separate a money to finance the beginning of your business. In Gua de Negocios for Natural Mothers a section with ideas exists to reunite this money of little conventional forms. Nota2: If already you have lodging and dominion and you want to begin blog of WordPress with a professional subject, Gua Blogueras Mothers takes to you step by step in the process of installation, edition and handling of your blog. If you want to receive more information of work in house for mothers, you will like to visit this blog with ideas, resources and proven tools of work in Internet.