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Porta Porta group, Germany’s largest family-run establishment company opts for campaign manager of SALT solutions, is the campaign manager of SALT solutions in marketing campaign management. The core engine takes action and budget management, the planning module performs the tedious manual calculations and consolidation within the planning process and provides faster and more reliable results for the overall management of the action thanks to automated processes. Porta presents itself with 20 large facility centres (“Porta furniture”), two additional sites (“furniture home-cooked”) and SB 87 stores (“furniture BOSS”). The company generates annual sales of over a billion euros with 6,500 employees. A large part of customer interest is initiated by marketing. Porta distributed weekly inserts in Ecircle. In addition, switched spots on the radio and ads in newspapers and mailings sent. The planning and implementation of this Actions is complex and extremely labor intensive.

It lacked so far valid statements about the current state of the advertising budgets and the resources available for the remainder of the year. Budget control and planning overview looking for a flexible and intuitive solution to this highly dynamic environment was find Porta in SALT solutions. The SALT Campaign Manager combines the integration and automation of all processes in the action management with permanent and reliable budget information and analyses. In addition, a comprehensive evaluation provides deep insights into success or failure causes of individual actions and allowing the accurate adjustment of the market and customers. “We have searched long in the market for such a comprehensive and holistic solutions. We are all the more happy that we have found a partner with SALT solutions, offering not only a compelling solution, but also brings a deep understanding of the process.

The high degree of flexibility, with the SALT solutions our partly very complex needs “has accepted and implemented, has us exceedingly satisfied”, so Stefan Jungmann, head of marketing at Porta. Company Description short profile Trade Division: Division trade of SALT Solutions GmbH specializes in IT solutions and system integration for the stationary and mail order. The range of services includes complete systems and process consulting for the inventory management for retail planning and controlling, POS (point of sale) as well as for CRM and inventory management. Innovative solutions for mobile data entry, mobile order tools, RFID and Web portals complete our portfolio of trading systems. Technologically, SALT solutions relies on IT standards such as Java Enterprise Edition and Microsoft.NET. Technology partnerships to IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft. Otto, Gerry Weber, SportScheck, Eddie Bauer, Lascana, Porta and the USA belong to the commercial customers of SALT solutions. Company contact: SALT Solutions GmbH Heiner Drathen Hansaallee 201 40549 Dusseldorf Tel: + 49.211.520236.0 email: Web: PR contact: SALT Solutions GmbH Michael Seibold Schurer str. 5a 97080 Wurzburg Tel: 0931-46086-2552 E-Mail: