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Ecofriendly Housing Construction

Today's industrial development, urban development has led to what people are looking closer to nature. Come first environmentally friendly home – its location, the materials used. In the first place by environmental performance of all materials is wood. A variety of original building materials help create a comfortable, environmentally friendly and comfortable accommodation. One of the most common building materials from wood is logs. Round logs are made of natural wood, by removing the top layer of wood on a dedicated machine.

As the tree – a natural material with all the characteristics of living organisms and, accordingly, contains moisture, round logs through the stage of air drying. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit author. It is necessary to comply with all specified conditions, to avoid damage to the building material. Production logs are only high quality wood. The main tree species are conifers, such as: spruce, pine, larch, cedar, etc. However, it is not necessary and forget about the hardwood, which are also used for the manufacture of cylinder beams. Round logs in addition to its environmental friendliness has a number of advantages. Wood – a unique insulation material.

Houses built of logs, well maintained the required temperature. Also, the construction of houses from this material, you can forget about the additional internal decoration. Indeed, in the process of production of logs, when removing the top layer of wood is leveling his polishing. Thus, almost immediately after the assembly of the house of cylindering can be arranged the furniture and move to a permanent place of residence. Perhaps, the only negative of this eco-friendly material is its susceptibility to cracking of logs, rotting and attacked by insects. However, all these issues resolved. So much for protection from insects and excessive moisture round logs still in the process of preparation is treated with special tools. They retain all the properties wood, creating a defense. And from excessive cracking of logs .