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ECM Provider ArCaptis

The arCaptis GmbH has implemented significant measures for improved customer orientation for the new year: Dusseldorf, February 08, 2010. With an expanded product range, the company now also specifically addressed mid-market. Those who are interested in a simple document management solution, can draw on the advanced content management platform ECM21 the arCaptis GmbH. With the three main modules C.Capture, C.Flow, and C.Archiv ECM21 enables all relevant activities such as collecting, processing and archiving of digital documents and served so all individual requirements of a company on a professional document management system. The new client from C.Capture, the document acquisition module is characterised by still more intuitive editing capabilities.

At C.Flow, the Web browser based workflow component DOCUMENTS of the otris AG with the particularity of a MS-Visio-based workflow Builder was seamlessly integrated. C.Archiv does not work installation and is comfortable anywhere through a Web client can be operated. So, all processes, such as automated invoice processing, the post input distribution, the approval workflow, can be equally digital and economically manage the automated collection of handwritten notes of the work or the contract management with ECM21. This flexible functionality allows you to exactly the right solution for companies of all sizes not least due to its scalability and is platform independent on any existing system up. In addition, an in-house high availability data center just the middle class offers optimal conditions for archiving. The data stored in a particular place, without the need for investments in hardware, backup and administration. So companies can use inexpensive a datacenter to a monthly rent, whose Sicherheit convinced inter alia the Dusseldorf Airport. More information are grouped under the new website by arCaptis under.

About arCaptis GmbH Dusseldorf arCaptis GmbH was founded in 2008 and has emerged from the DMS range of Digidok GmbH. Majority shareholder of the company is the BBM group, Mulheim an der Ruhr. Under the management of Dirk Vollmering, develops and markets the arCaptis GmbH products and complete solutions for document capture, processing, and archiving for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Through the platform-neutral products and intelligent solutions, document-based workflows and operation arrangements designed for organizations and replaces time-consuming manual work steps. In particular, the portfolio includes the freely scalable document management platform ECM21 with their modules C.Capture for capturing digital document, C.Flow for ad-hoc and rule-based workflow and C.