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Defining Success

And this indicates that each of us has unlimited potential, which is simply to uncover. Many people live in despair, working for the hated work, doing what they do not like all my life and all this only because of the fact that they do not understand how their possibilities are endless and you just need to believe in themselves. Acting – never make a mistake. What is success? Who are the successful people? Why do not you a successful person? Why in the world, 90% of people can not call prosperous? To this question is very easy to answer – people think that success is the result, but few understand that the success – it is action. These are steps toward the goal, and the successful person is not someone who has achieved what is, and those who is not stopping their target.

Those who constantly acts and learns from his mistakes, just constantly improving and with every action ever closer to its goal of going to her, he carries it successful action, regardless of whether they bring a positive or negative, these actions are aimed at achieving success, hence they are successful. And finally a few facts why most people poor: They have never reported this do not think, do not see themselves as rich, they simply have no time, they are locked in a rat race called home> work> home> education> job. If you want to earn 80% of the money, as do 20% of people, then stop doing what they do 80% of people, it is not works! Just stop live by outdated industrial age scheme School – Institute – work – retirement. People are wasting time, some have firmly decided what to do but always put off … and so on until old age. Your business development should take place every day, even small steps, slowly, but these small steps and is success leading to the goal.

Many people have great fear of criticism, they are afraid of criticism and so afraid to do something that would God forbid any group of losers they are not attacked. Cease to be afraid of criticism, if we take some examples of business, such as the company Nike, then those few young people on whom is constantly pressured by his criticism relatives, would never have created a well-known global brand which is now known to every inhabitant of the planet. Fear of failure – to suppress any of his, and start to act, and soon you'll get everything. Just believe in yourself that you can achieve all what you desire. It is because of fear of failure, the word business makes most people, which is indescribable horror, and the association with something impossible.