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They used freshly cut trees that are already Being in the wall of the building began to crack. Some cracks reached widths of 2-3 cm can imagine comfortable living in a house in the winter when all the walls are draughty. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Federal Reserve Bank. So why are these construction companies did so unfair? Yes, everything is very simple. If they had dried, the forest and built according to the rules, then their earnings while in the best case would be zero. Therefore, they decided to contrive such a way. You can take a cue from everyday life. How do you think you put inside the ravioli factory and if there is meat in general? And when we buy plastic and polished with wax apples?

Or when you buy something, but this thing is just broken or simply not justify your hopes? Think about how often we get on really high-quality products? And another example. You come into the store, and you have the seller pays any attention, and maybe even curse obscenities. And why waste time on the examples you yourself can recall thousands of cases, when faced with blatant lack of professionalism, rudeness and deception. Why is this happening? Yes, because all these people who are deceiving you, rude you or try to sell you a defective product, work for money, but the work itself for them – hard labor and no more. Even if a person does not deceive anyone, he still does his job well, if only he had bought it product.