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Work Parttime

In my legal practice, common issues from the sphere of labor law does not require the assistance of the law firm. For example, on-time is often asked about the following: "I work full time but want to get a second job in another organization. It is not desirable to place on my main work know that I'm still working elsewhere. How do I place my employment relationship with the second group? And how to formalize the employment relationship, if I perform a one-time job (or permanently) – As the demand for the company in my services? "In general, sufficient to conclude an employment contract with another organization to work part-time. Writing in work record of the part-recorded at the principal place of work, but only at the request of the worker. On the main job to someone to know that you have to work somewhere, not necessarily. And ban you work in their spare time and nobody has the right as the right to choose an activity stipulated by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. If the work is a one-time or for a specified period, it is possible to conclude fixed-term employment contract at the time of a particular job or to conclude a civil law contract (to provide certain services / perform a specific job). Maksim Goryachev, lawyer