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To preach the Gospel is one of the most important and valuable things in the life, as long as it is realised by people whom they have to Christ in its lives and firmly know the message that is going to preach. There are many factors that must be taken into account at the time of preaching, like also before preaching, that we considered if them and we make use of them, will not only help us to feel us but safe in ours it preaches but also that we will be fulfilling our commitment with God de Predicar its Word. ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO PREACH If your message is going to be with respect to some subject in specific and you have or chosen a Biblical passage, which I recommend to you is that you study that passage at great length, including its immediate context, that is to say, it reads all the chapter including the previous chapter so that you can include/understand of what this being spoken and to who or who is being spoken to them. You do your own investigation of the passage that you are studying with paper and pencil at the hand, and tomato the time that is necessary for the preparation of your preaching. IT PREPARES I SKETCH As soon as you already have your investigation of the realised passage, and you have all it written down, the moment comes for giving form all that, * It begins writing in a sheet of paper the Title or Subject of your message, writing down in the part of under the subject your key text. * Immediately, you do a list of at least 3 main points hacerca of which you are going to speak, and writes in them your explanation of the same, writes everything what you have in mind (I recommend you that is a good task) * After to have written the important points of your message, comes the Conclusion, this point is so important because usually it is what it is engraving in the mind of your listeners, I recommend to give to a small review of the important points of your message and the call to you to the action.

You can learn as to realise I sketch here: ” Steps To realise a Bosquejo” IT SPENDS A TIME FOR THE ORATION Porfavor, this point is of extreme importance and you do not let it pass through anything. It takes a time to ask guianza the Gentleman, who Its Spirit Santo guides to you so that the message that you are going to preach is God that it makes the work in the hearts. Djate to guide by the Gentleman, and remembers that only we are carrying of the message of Christ! That God to you continues using in your ministry of the Preaching of its Santo Gospel, if you want to obtain but information you can visit my blog of how Preaching the Word of God.