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Witch Moran Love Magic

In September 2008 I went to a witch named Moran for help in love magic, the fact that I suffered from unrequited love, my girlfriend left me on the 4th meeting of the year, has found a better, richer, younger, which it conquered in first meeting. To any persuasion was not my favorite, with me not even want to talk on the phone! Month I did not leave the house, lost his job and friends that I was at that time was considered a complete idiot, running for a traitor. After an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide, I have decided that you need to take drastic measures, by the time I was searching for the magical sites at one site a magician, I will not name him, I was mildly cheated, took the money and out of sight. Once I cheated this man, I realized that fate turned its back on me, I decided that I really is not worth living, and was about to repeat his attempt to withdraw from life. But quite by accident just across the day a friend hinted that he wants to go to a school of magic 'Midgard' to the witch Moran on distance learning, advised me to it. Few porassprashivav her who she was a witch Moran is doing, I realized that a try Last chance fell to me. I immediately wrote a letter to her, she answered quickly within 12 hours, the answer I was pleasantly pleased, she promised to help me that would be my favorite with me, but I needed to abide by its rules. .