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Training Of Inputi In Fonolgicos Shunting Lines: Discuso Of A Case

AUDREI. the MOTTA Training of ' ' inputi' ' in fonolgicos shunting lines: Discuso of a case Introduction In last the 20 years changes in the model of theoretical description had occurred, evaluation of shunting lines and strategy for the treatment in many patologias of speaks. It was here that it was started to study ' ' shunting lines fonolgicos' '. The book of Ingram PHONOLOGICAL DISABILITY IN CHILDREN was launched (1976), and from there that the clinical linguists had started to conceive that the shunting lines of speaks was not alone in the articulatrio level, but in the central cortical level of representation of the standards of sounds of speaks, and the term ' ' shunting line fonolgico' ' it entered in the vocabulary. Description and explanation GRUNWELL (op. cit), in a clear exposition of the present quarrel, strengthens the necessity to become distinction enters the analysis of the language as: ' ' a systematic description of the production standards observados' ' Or as: ' ' a psicolingstica explanation of the involved real processes in the production of the standards of speaks of one pessoa' '. The two analyses are described as being: based in the data, the standards of speak are described as fonologicamente inadequate; based in falante- an explanation is given of why the standards of it speaks are in clutter, and in this manner, the etiology is specified. Phonetic and fonolgicas boardings in the treatment An explanation or diagnosis of the shunting line is prerequisite a highly desirable one for the treatment. In the theory, it is important that both the factors, phonetic fonolgico and/articulatrios, are considered in the evaluation of the shunting line, previously to the treatment; the therapy must be directed. (each in case that it is a case) former: child whose it speaks is ininteligvel e, however, they do not present no observvel organic deficit.