Trade Union

In these terms nothing! The boys of the internal Commission told that, at a time when they were reunited, they told my father:-look Mr. Rucci, you can not be denied our request. Us supports his son always thought (then and now) that that expression, far from making him feeling pressure, my father acted you as a trigger of his worst days of Basque told Me he replied:-look; If my son supports this claim, almost without knowing why he does it and what it is, is dismissed. And I don’t think none of you strive too much for defending it. Having said this he arose and went. Negotiations continued in regular lanes and the conflict has been exceeded, as tends to happen most of the time. I went with my work but I knew that under these conditions the thing would be harder every day, especially for my father. So after a time told him that he wanted to resign, seeking new opportunities, etc., etc.

At this time arose the possibility in a plant of the same company but located in another area. They were to incorporate an employee to the personnel office. And there I was with my bones. From the previous story took these conclusions: that phrase out of the Office, my father had focused a style of negotiation that his life became a cult. Said in other words: to negotiate with the trade union representation must be done thinking of solutions from which both parties, contribute to the solution. I always liked this phrase that look good to the subject: or you part of the solution or part of the problem.

And to achieve this is not can start from any means there will be many styles of trade negotiation but the only one that has given me results in time is: conflicts are only resolved if the parties that must be resolved sit to negotiate wanting to solution. It seems obvious; but believe me that it is not. Many can attest to what I say. That for this naturally makes missing gym and much common sense. But I say this because some entrepreneurs do not have a clear policy in regards to the Guild topic. It’s like they underestimate it. I’m not saying to live pending topic. I say to consider it. They seek to impose conditions through confusing concepts and without strategy. And the results obtained with these methods are cortoplazistas trying to get by without achieve it. They imagine (not all) that the trade should be tightened and not give in. There will be circumstances that require hand sign and this is not bad. But not carefully analyze the steps to give? In the same way that when Trade Union side intends to defend the indefensible, end walking on uneven roads that tired and worn relations unnecessarily. In this sense it is convenient to take into account that having experience in trade negotiations is very valuable. Technical knowledge so much more. But what surely establishes best bases (or firmer) If you want to return all the time on travelled roads, is respect for the genuine needs of each party.