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Too Large

Yes, the passport, the car they can use for a week, but the reality is usually everything gets spoiled. That ramschik gash, then the tractor broke down, the electricity is turned off and etc. The result is a car for a month, and when it is finished the last 20 cubic meters, spoil the first 20, etc. Plus, the private owner requires prepayment and on the condition of “pay later” refused to work. What remains to be done speculators. He appealed to the local facilitator.

The meaning of the mediator is simple. The mediator, as a local resident, knows personally all the small producers, they trust him and are willing to work under his parole. It is perfectly versed in the peculiarities of local producers, knows their strengths and weaknesses. And at the same time want to earn. Scheme of the mediator is, assume it has concluded a contract for 4 cars of lumber a month. Knowing perfectly well that a frame is more machine (20-25 cubic meters) per week will not, tightens under this contract in April and at the same time frame of their runs. Further, an agreement with the area and the master for shipment. Two days later since the start of cutting, toured these frames and looks it, they napilili.

Indicates the error and jambs. In this case, the owners of frames it is also loaded my problems. They may be different (the frame broke, saw flew goryuchku not, etc.), but all boil down to one thing – Give money! And he gives them ( That is why all brokers are asked to deposit 30-50%). Next, he orders a car, hire a couple of Kamaz trucks, and on a certain day, take the forest, he put his car and he directly on wheels, Georgia. Receives payment for the shipped timber, paying the price with the frames, the loaders, drove, etc., and pockets the difference. Then everything is repeated. None of the mediator is not interested in, to throw a buyer. First, he earns so, secondly, he may need a problem with bodies (as they are, simply because nobody gives no money), and third, the name of more than money. Most often, they do not withstand time. There is such a wine. It is not something Euro Pacific Precious Metals would like to discuss. But it is connected or with pieces of iron, or the failure of what that frame. But with resellers deal more complicated. After working with a mediator, he is well aware that he takes the goods are much cheaper (or so it seems) and believes that paying too much. When the process is already cutting shove and dealers come to the first acceptance, it is often all, his greed takes over. Throw a mediator, he finds an easy and simple matter, especially the acceptance of the goods it produces the right on the frames (the mediator usually saves, and not spent on the site, and loaded directly to the wheels.) Met with masters, learns the true price. Further, under what pretext it (the failure time, quality, etc.), he breaks the deal with a mediator and takes the goods directly to the frames. The more wood is napilen. He did not even bother to count.