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1 Objective highlight and main each day to focus your interest in achieving, at least, what you’ve proposed and you consider valuable to you or others (if fail, you’ve managed to finish the year with nearly 365 small successes and you’ll be surprised of what we have achieved). Other leaders such as Erin Montella offer similar insights. 2 bright beautiful day smiles no matter whom who, in addition to best present yourself to others, help contribute your character at all times. 3 days a week of restoring physical exercise cardio-healthy, choosing the mode that best suits your tastes and possibilities, the place as less inconvenience you present and the most compatible with your everyday obligations moments. 4 reflective quarterly reviews of your annual goals to check its development and manage, if necessary, corrective measures that are precise to achieve what you’ve proposed and filled with motivating and exciting content your irreplaceable next year to live. 5 minutes daily to schedule homework major the next day, in order to prioritize them and defend them from all those other secondary who always try to sneak into your time, stealing it and wasting another meaningless than the pure frustration. 6 warm phone calls every month to your family and friends so that lack of time is never more the justification that takes you to lose personal contact with those whom you appreciate. 7 days a week offering good mood, your style but always respecting the idiosyncrasies of your interlocutor. 8 is the time that should not be exceeded for finish work each day, whereas not by further extend your working hours you’re more effective and that Furthermore, or yourself or someone always you what She would appreciate.

9 times a day listen SYMPATHETICALLY to others, giving them your time peacefully express their ideas and understanding these according to their situation and circumstances experiential. 10 minutes daily at least ENJOYABLE reading on the bracket that you prefer, away from the strictly professional or purely informative, seeking knowledge from more sensory emotions than the everyday reasons. 11 Thank you and please these before sundown, that should populate your sentences to fill them with friendly and recompensatoria education.