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Tips You Should Apply To Your Web Site

In this article I want to show some details that must be taken into account when having a website. Includes a page “About”: The pages with information about the company are a good place for new visitors here may already know who you are before they decide to buy your product, give this page to know the path of your company, who comprise them, and the mission or any information that you think should define the person or company that is behind this page. Contact Page: The visitors, clients, customers or traffic in general should always be able to contact you is why we include an email address or a contact form, and where possible one direction and phone, this data gives the visitor a lot of security when you buy it because they feel that there is a physical place to which to go in case of any inconvenience. News, press releases, blogs or articles: This information is highly valued by search engines and providing fresh content to the Web, news, and that can be very useful to visitors, from here I can report events, launching new products or information that helps visitors return to your site to see changes do on these pages. The title of the page: I suppose many readers will know what I mean at this point but for those who have no clear title to the page is the text that appears in the blue bar of the browser and gives an idea of content of the page, however simple this title is very important to look at the image we give to visitors, as in the results page of search engines often display this information along with the description of the page, imagine you are looking for a word in the search and the page you have results in “Untitled Document” does not give a good impression right? For that reason and probably think the visitors will go to another site.

Links: Just as the title’s imagine that we are within a site and see a link that might have information relevant to us and when we click, the page gives error due to a broken link, sure that has happened and certainly if they happen a few times on the same page are off the Web and are on the next page Results of the search. Remember to always check their websites often have no broken links, if you still are not sure of having done good an idea is to personalize the pages and display an error message with the link to the homepage. Now to finish I advise to use all the information available to them from visitors to their pages, the best way for this is to review the logs of the server or application if you have any statistics to show you Use it and see where they visit, what pages visited, how long they are, etc. Because with this we can greatly improve the distribution of Web content and gives us useful information that we can use in advertising, for example if we see that most of our clients come from a particular country and we are investing in a publication press, serious good idea to take this data and implement a campaign targeted to that country and strengthen the image of the company’s site or know which search engine gives better results and make a payment per click campaign.