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A move is a great time, physical and mental burden dar. To this must be completed an usually within a few days. In most cases, even next to the daily work routine at the weekend. In particular, if the household has certainly not limited to five cases, but has accumulated over the years, some utensils and furniture, a move can be quite a logistical challenge. But before the move comes at all, is to find accommodation on the plan. No problem, say some, ‘Oh God, the others. Especially when one takes into a foreign city, where until recently not even know that they exist to provide a variety of challenges and many questions emerge. What about for example, from the local rent prices? Which districts are more socially deprived areas? And where can I find housing offers? The rent index is obtained as a rule in the respective municipality or one uses the rent index database from Focus Online. This one gets a feel for the pricing structure in the private housing market and canThe housing ads according to the fare clusters. (Not to be confused with TTSI!). Which newspaper on which days an extensive real estate market brings out, is different from region to region. Very often, the real estate part, however, published in the weekend edition. In addition, but also often on a Wednesday. What newspapers, especially in this region but have the most ads, you should ask for the best newspaper in a shop or a gas station on site. Another possibility, of course, lets you search the internet, as shifted in recent years, many real estate agents and property managers their activities into e-business have. According to a recent study specifically covers the three major portals Immoscout, Immonet and Immowelt from the market very well, so on this site may well all of the latest housing offers to be found.