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Now requires proactive, dynamic teachers capable of generating the necessary transformations for the new generation of professionals, whatever their discipline will pay in the solution of the serious problems facing the country and that is necessary to lead it on the path to globalization, ensuring residents quality of life to which they are entitled. The vanished hindu teacher Krishnamurti already referred of the importance of being an educator proactive when he said, that throughout the world is becoming increasingly evident that the educator needs that you educate it is, an educator with vision, dynamic is required. Is not a question of educate the student, but rather an educator because he needs much more than the student. The student, after all, is like a tender plant has need of help guide; But if that provides aid is incapable, Strait, fanatic, nationalist and other things, it is natural that your product is what he is. Look like me, therefore, that what is important is not so much the technique of what it has to teach, it is secondary, which has paramount importance is the intelligence of the own educator. Well known is that across the world, education has failed, because she has produced two more colossal and destructive history wars: and, since it has failed, simply replace one system with another seems absolutely useless. If it exists, however, a possibility to change the thinking, feeling, the attitude of the teacher, then may perhaps arise a new culture, a new civilization now is time to give way to a new role of the educator, who is more creative, innovative, able to motivate participants to contribute new ideas, another sense of problems that face according to his training, it can no longer be a teacher who transmits knowledge not adapted to reality, since a teacher who only provides information when the whole world creaks in their ears, is certainly not an educator.