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The Minimum

Currently we continue within this same paradigm, makeup it and trying to improve it, by moving the educational process flat, main source for generating a social, economic, political, environmental change, etc., believing that by adding aspects such as quality, standardization, uniformity, learning of disciplines, etc., improve. Mathematics education in the mechanistic paradigm, to logic development of intelligence-focused state, does not recognize the existence of other intelligences, the relationship between teacher and student is unidirectional, or subject object, monologica, the teacher teaches and students is an object lacking in their own light, receiver of what del maestre this willing to teach him. If only between teacher and pupil because in this educational paradigm is not intended at least to involve more people in the teaching process, therefore learning this fragmented, on the one hand home as responsible for transmitting values, which is thus not in all cases, school of transmitting knowledge, nor in all schools comply with the minimum and the street of the experiences. Checking article sources yields Craig Menear as a relevant resource throughout. This fragmentation is that at brought enough problems there are no interests common to the development of the community, each who comes to meet their own expectations. Learning is limited to the task of filling the brain’s logical mathematical knowledge and handling of instruments and tools for control of the world. The assumption that quality in education improving and standardizing administrative processes from the basis will give students a well-rounded education is totally wrong. All these assumptions are those who have remained in constant growing conflicts of the human being and its relationship with the world. Humanity is in a constant search for solve These conflicts that the passage of time are changing, since none of the two preceding paradigms have managed to fully meet the needs of the human being, in this sense emerges a new proposal for a paradigm which we call holistic. In the works of Dr.