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The Frequency

In recent decades, the transnational professional activity has increased substantially. The increase is due not only to the geographical distance in which they commit crimes, but also to the frequency with which criminals operate across regional and national borders. This development does not occur in isolation but is part of the overall process of globalization. a Economic interdependence and increased international economic exchange to the transfer of goods and movement of people across borders easier. Illegal traffickers take advantage of these parallel events or by the combination of trade routes.

This can explain why so many groups involved in transnational professional activities of transport companies own and / or import-export companies. Causes of crime are always difficult to establish, although some observations on transnational organized crime can be tried. It could be tentatively suggested that many types of transnational crime are caused by: The great economic disparity existing in the world. One consequence of this disparity is that in many countries, large segments of the population are drawn to the production of illicit goods. Many people are also vulnerable to physical use, such as prostitution by professional organizations. Moreover, poor countries offer attractive markets for goods that are stolen in the richest. At the same time, advanced countries, due to high production costs and / or high taxes, increase the frequency hidden sectors of its economy and unregistered employment of cheap; eruption of the political conflicts in many countries and regions, generating widespread violence and promote human trafficking and illicit arms trafficking.