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The Free Book Program ResiGo Version 8 Is Out!

POS software and POS system from PosBill there are certainly many hotel booking systems on the market, but these are also good? ResiGo (www.resigo.com) offers its customers the possibility in a free trial version of the in-house booking software ResiGo free only once to test. While many available functions even in the free version, so that a small business even been alone so would cope. With the help of the initial Setup Wizard, you can his master data in 5 10 minutes apply. After rooms have been created in the system, it can go with the first book. It the main data is queried first of all, as for example: room type, number of persons, period and number of rooms. Here, everything is self explanatory and clearly designed.

With ResiGo booking software the operating procedures in a hotel can be made effectively and easily. In addition, valuable data is collected and evaluations and statistics, the economic situation remains the Hotel operation no longer a secret. Not only restaurants, sales statistics and correspondence are facilitated by the system. ResiGo provides a link to the family restaurant operation with the in-house POS software and POS system of PosBill (www.posbill.com/ de).