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Technology and Ethics

Yes, and not at all a landlord! The same mistake made, and consultants. "I do not know this technology Yes, and did not have such technology! ". Not a fact, gentlemen, not a fact. I wonder whether this peremptory Consultant sure learned all technologies related to human factors, which are used on the planet? Studied, applied, and rejected? In fact, there is one key reason why "Shark" consulting business do not look around and make a hasty authoritarian statements. For the same reason they can not see the technology solutions human factor, even if they stick it's nose. The name for this reason – is unethical. Priotkroem little mystery consulting market in Russia, and, holding his nose gushed from amber, a look at the reality. In the world of consulting There are only two ways to get a really large order. Rollback and positioning. The second is rarely used. Rollback, or in simple trick works more often in cases where a decision about the order shall not owner of money, and fingered the head, which I recommend to draw the attention of owners. In consulting kickbacks may take up to half of the money received from the client. And when the order amount is measured in millions of dollars, it is gets interesting, is not it? And while advisers are currently a lot of excuses. For example – I'm not stealing, on the contrary give. This is less ethical than taking a bribe. I can not but lead one comparison, risked becoming a target anger advocates of aesthetics.