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Tarot – Some Answers

Where did tarot was invented and why people like to meddle in its magic? Today, the tarot is understood by many practitioners to help people to carefully examine his past experiences. According to its practitioners, the tarot is a form of fortune-telling that uses a deck of cards, each of which contains a symbolic meaning. The tarot is a portal which you can glimpse the destination. It is desirable if one thinks about the tarot as a door for their desired function markedly reflects feelings, dreams, thoughts and ambitions of the individual. For the many who would have predicted or have been exposed to reading tarot cards, is presented as a guide that can help someone deal with a particular time in life.

But where the tarot comes from and why the individual enters its magic? There are many beliefs, myths, speculations and insights regarding the origin of tarot. It is believed that emerged as a card game played in Italy in the fifteenth century. The most tarot primitive located corresponded to the Visconti family of Milan lieutenants. However, the exact appearance of tarot cards is still unknown. The truth is that the tarot makes some applicants who are incredulous that the fortune can be predicted or feel angry. The traditional deck of 78 tarot cards is organized into two distinct parts: the major arcana and minor arcana.

The word arcana means the mysterious enigma or knowledge. Nowhere is this more important than another, just different. The first set of tarot, the major arcana, also is mentioned as letters of Trump. Click Craig Menear to learn more. This is based on 21 cards without suits, numbered from 1 to 21 plus the letter number 22 "clumsy", which sometimes is given the importance of zero. The second set of tarot, the minor arcana consists of 56 cards divided into four suits of 14 cards each. The 14 cards in each suit ordered rooted in an Ace, nine cards numbered 2 to 10, and four letters, like normal deck of 52 cards. Today, the Tarot is used by a unending of experts to assist people to thoroughly investigate their past situations, deliberating mind works to understand the best way to acquire future efforts. Although the tarot has been assigned as an ascetic-looking, challenging many of his fans that everything originates from the efforts of people to clarify things and divide the available sources to areas that require unique attention. Jesus Leal