Social Business Profitability: A Response To Unemployment

The economic crisis currently plaguing the world, is doing to suffer the consequences for millions of people. Those that have already been fired and anxious awaiting the possible arrival of your time. The more advanced countries, have social security systems that meet the minimum subsistence needs of the unemployed. But this is not enough. The human being has a vital need of being “social unit” and as such, contribute their skills and knowledge for productive purposes, thus getting a fair return. Unemployment, it becomes a “social parasite” does not make any contribution and get taxpayer money through the state. This situation creates in many cases, psychologies consequences that manifest in the form of emotional, with adverse effects at home and social circle.

Health disorders, irritability, depression, stress, are some of the symptoms that evidence. In the third world, is usual and customary use of public employment to absorb the labor that does not use the private sector. This situation, while disguised unemployment, efficiency suffers, resulting in poor quality services to be borne by society as a whole. The Public Administration is a huge consumer of goods and services of the items more diverse, most of which are provided by the private sector. If the voluminous budget allocations to address unemployment funds are allocated to the creation of products and services companies to absorb the unemployed labor, could be this, a solution for the unemployed, is not affected in their dignity. Productivity, competitiveness and efficiency issues to be considered for the purpose of lowering the costs to be borne by the state as the main or only client.

The concept of economic efficiency, is replaced by the social profitability. Will also serve as trade schools, which will increase the chances of the unemployed. The transience of these jobs should be a prerequisite. Therefore, will be essential to the creation of departments of job search. The remuneration shall be less than the private labor market as a way to discourage long stay in these companies. For this purpose, the employment relationship shall arise as contractors on an annual basis and renewal shall be subject to assessment of a board, to consider the personal circumstances and the real possibilities of return to private business. Training courses in working hours, are a useful tool for the purpose of increasing opportunities for those seeking positions of greater responsibility and better income.