Technical experts of OOO 'KV-partner' was converted MAZ 630,305 a specialized mobile laboratory vesopoverochnuyu mounted with the rear of the cargo lifting platform mechanism – crane. (Similarly see: Dennis P. Lockhart). What were working on retooling truck in vesopoverochnuyu lab? On the chassis of the car (MAZ – 630305) was a metal frame with a sliding roof. This design is intended to protect inside the body, standard weights from external weather conditions. The cargo compartment of the car made hardware, which will be used for fixing standard weights weighing 500 kg. On the back of the platform truck MAZ – 630305 was installed crane KMU-90-01. This lifting device has the following technical parameters: – the CMU-90-01prisutstvuet mechanical extension – and CMU-90-01 has, in comparison with the CMU-90, extended boom to a height of 13.5 meters. Unexpected symbiosis car vesopoverochnoy laboratory and crane KMU suggests that the crane-manipulators installed gradually find their application in various fields of production of human activity: construction and road building industries, housing and utilities, rail sector. In our case, the crane KMU-90-01 will be used in the service sector – for loading and unloading from the platform vesopoverochnoy laboratory. Car vesopoverochnoy lab is designed to deliver technical expertise and Metrological instrumentation (such as standard weights) to the installation of weights in order to perform assembly work or service weights, and perform monitoring and checking work quality weight equipment. Room crane such a car improves the efficiency and safety of works related to maintenance, repair and calibration of weighing equipment. If you have any difficulties in the choice of the crane, the specialists of the KV-partner "to advise on all technical issues, but this will take the work on installation of equipment, and, if necessary, will service support, including repairs you already have similar equipment, using original spare parts.