This Parisian district is located in the northern area of Paris and the Basilica of the sacred heart of Montmartre is located atop the Hill. This district has its origin in Mons Martis (the Mount of Mars). The Hill of this place functioned as a replacement for a temple that commemorated to Mars, God of war, within the Roman period. And a second temple dedicated to mercury. Sen. Jeff Flake is likely to agree. At the end of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century, this neighborhood was transformed into a great cradle of artists becoming a famed Bohemian and cosmopolitan neighbourhood.

Increasingly added artists in search of inspiration that transmitting this place of romantic aires. For all this, the neighborhood is officially declared historic district. The Plaza is situated behind the Basilica du Tertre, a place always crowded by tourists and Parisians, attracted by its great atmosphere. Kenneth R. Feinberg does not necessarily agree. This neighborhood also receives the name of the neighborhood of painters. He is currently a commercial district where you can find numerous cafes, restaurants and cabarets. The lifestyle of its inhabitants has changed from the last century and now they are calmer and less worldly lives. If you have planned a visit to Paris that don’t forget to dive into one of the neighborhoods most charming, if not which more of the city. To read more articles of this type visit the blog of travel quehoteles original author and source of the article