Phone Flatrate and DSL Flatrate are especially frequent callers and frequent surfers becoming increasingly popular because they offer an uncomplicated alternative to the often rather complicated combination offers. Conveniently, that are also recognized by many providers, so that there are many of them currently very attractive offers. Besides the phone often a flat rate DSL Flatrate are offered, often a combination of both. If a flat rate for me? A small check: The flat rate phone, I should consider myself even with the best offers that I can exploit the opportunities offered endless minutes too, or I might even use a normal rate per minute cope better. The contract over time, I should note, as is perhaps to be expected that prices will fall even further.

Moreover, I should remember that one usually includes only flat rate phone calls to landlines, and therefore for people to telephone a lot in the air or in foreign networks do not always pay. If you call more frequently on mobile than landlines or has lots of friends or business partners abroad, should it checked his phone bills carefully whether a pure fixed-line telephone or pay flat rate whether you would rather not fall back on a classic combination offer. The DSLFlatrate If I take a DSLFlatrate or the combination of increasingly available DSLFlatrate and flat rate phone, I make sure to first check the availability of DSL, since DSL is unfortunately not yet available nationwide. Especially critical are areas where was modernized in the 90 years the network through fiber optic cables, or (mostly rural) areas in which you live just too far away from the nearest exchange. If you like downloading large amounts of data, eg in the form of movies or software represents the net should also consider which requires high-power him. Available usually DSL 2000, 6000, 16000 KB / s, with DSL 2000 for quick surfing than enough, while DSL 16000 sufficient as a matter of minutes to download an entire movie.