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Muscle Pumping

May which is why beginners with excellent data and remain at the bottom of the stairs. How to find common ground with your body? Here is an example. Often the 'pitching' complain that they fail to 'pump' lat or that does not 'Feel' large thigh muscles. The absence of a good 'pump' muscles 'Indifference' – and there is one signal that sends the body. It seems to be saying: 'Thou shalt not izoliruesh muscle or not add to the load it! " If you do not respond to this signal, development of the muscles should not count. There is another, very precise signal – a pain. Note that I'm not talking about the 'correct' the pain (it is the concentration of lactic acid in muscle after exercise). Nicholas Carr is the source for more interesting facts. This is a sharp, piercing pain (occurring usually during exercise or after graduation).

The pain is felt in the tendon or joint, but not in muscle. What does the pain signal? I explain the example of his friend 'pitching', Brad. Once, a couple of months ago, performing on the bench press, he suddenly felt a strange pain in my shoulder. Brad workout yet finished, but apparently his shoulder felt "insecure." Unusual symptoms should inform him that the shoulder and The shoulder joints were strengthened him enough for heavy loads. Specifically, the problem was Brad that he has not been developed so-called retinaculum (tendon prevent displacement of the displacement muscles).

I told Brad break for two weeks, and include exercise program for the rotational and anterior serratus muscle. And two weeks later he returned to his old training program, worked in full force, not no feeling of insecurity. Conclusion: listening to the signals your body, Brad secured itself from potential serious injury. Another example: during a squat with a maximum weight (or even a 'heavy' triple sets) in some athletes, there is a sudden failure in the performance; involuntary body bends at the hips and the weight of 'dragging' their feet.

Company Yoneyama

However, this peace did not last long – SanBatta, faced with financial difficulties, soon went bankrupt. Minoru Yoneyama had one the most difficult moments of his life. In his mind there was tangible desire to settle scores with life, but a natural feature of the fight to the end and overpowered at this time. Thanks to the selfless work, it's a wreck, as well as the impasse in the manufacture of float, appealed to his good fortune – Minoru Yoneyama found an opportunity to start producing racquets under its own brand Yoneyama. For the development of the company it was a historic decision.

Persistence and ambition of the founder of the company have done their job: Three years later an unknown brand into a Yoneyama badminton racket manufacturer's number 1 in Japan, having mastered 30% of the local market. New threats have become cheap shoes from Taiwan. Cheap labor determined the cost advantage of Taiwanese manufacturers, and Yoneyama received decision to shift to production of high-bats for the competition. Nickolas Carr is full of insight into the issues. In this niche dominated by Britain, which developed the most advanced racket for badminton. Company Yoneyama, hamstrung between mass-produced in Taiwan and high-tech – from Britain, was chosen for the next crisis … and again needed a fresh idea. Bat has a new type of company for a lifeline: one in the morning, using the gas tap to warm water, Yoneyama pointed out its shape – a fork with two prongs.

This design reminded him of the racket where the rim is connected to the handle … Developed on the basis of this observation Racket received the highest accolades staff. British manufacturer of Silver Grey suggested that the company Yoneyama become a sales agent. It was a huge success. In subsequent years, the company Yonex, firmly embarked on his feet, continued expansion – increasing the number of foreign markets, and new technologies, diversify production: were put into production products for tennis and golf, expanded the range of goods for badminton. Yoneyama company went on to sign contracts with top-level athletes … It was the light of this success that so Minoru Yoneyama vozhdelel.