For example, if a company is engaged in the production and sale of paper products and specializes in production of various types of packaging materials, in this section contains information about: the history of the production of paper products and packaging, specifications of different types of packaging, detailed description of all the options available product, its specifications, scope, selection algorithms, etc. * Forum, where interested users can share experiences, ask each other questions. * Methods of communication with professionals with whom you can discuss specific technical problems. * A comparative description of the product (technical specifications, selection criteria for a particular purpose, price) categories, the majority of firms St. Petersburg / Russia / cis – foreign.

* Forms for on-layn/off-layn 'relations with the firms / order' products. * A forum to discuss the work of companies, product quality, compliance rates, services and other information. * Links to related sites, company websites. * The form for registering users. * The form for registration of manufacturers / suppliers, which will contain the following information: changes in the macro environment (legislation, etc.) microenvironment, etc.

Briefly outlined the main concepts, we turn to the issue of choosing a particular resource. We believe that in a situation where the network is no qualitative information portal on your area of activity (which is now occurs less frequently) to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage must focus on creating a full-fledged information portal. The only thing necessary to prevent – not to do it halfway. If you decide to create an information portal, do not try to combine it with the functions of a corporate site.