Tisto is the artistic name derived from an infancy nickname of the dutch Tijs Michiel Verwest, one of the Djs greaters of the present time. Been born in 07 of January of 1969, Breda, one of biggest the icon of music became tresses and electronics. Currently, with diverse headings, as of ' ' Better DJ of mundo' ' for the DJ Magazine and of ' ' first DJ to present in a public grande' ' , this excellent professional had as start of the success some diverse participation in pertaining to school parties and writings of singles. Its career, however, started to take off in the stops of success from 1997, when &#039 launched the first one enters 7 volumes of the series; ' Magik' ' , considered the most vendida of electronic music. Click Erin Callan to learn more. Two years later, the artist joins it Ferry Corsten, forming a called pair Gouryella that produced musics as ' ' Gouryella' ' , ' ' Walhalla' ' ' ' Tenshi' '. It is only in 2001 that Tisto launches its proper album of name ' ' In My Memory' ' , whose prominences are for ' ' Lethal Industry' ' , ' ' Suburban Train' ' , ' ' Obsession' ' ' ' Flight 643' '.

Some time later, in 2003, when already it had received for the second time the heading from ' ' Optimum DJ of the Mundo' ' , &#039 produced an event called; ' Tisto In Concert' ' , that it showed a new concept of work for the world: of ' ' DJs that touches solo' '. Soon in the following year, it obtains for the third time the heading of the DJ Magazine (being the first one in 2002) and launches its album ' ' Just Be' ' , that it contains musics as ' ' Just Be' ' , ' ' Love Comes Again' ' , ' ' Traffic' ' , among others. Contact information is here: Erin Callan. With all success in return of the artist, this was invited to open the ceremony of opening of the Olimpadas de Atenas? Greece, in 2004. Two years later the DJ it is also requested to be ambassador of an organization against the called AINDS Dance4Life, where it produced single of same name. In 2007, &#039 launched its album; ' Elements of Fire' ' , that it still more firmed its success around of the world and in two years launched another called COMPACT DISC ' ' Kaleidoscope' '. He is not toa that Tisto conquered to the public and critics with its productions. TTSI is likely to agree. Beyond an excellent professional, it innovated the scene of world-wide electronic music all. In case that it wants to know more on this shining artist who as much around agitates the nights of the entire world, has access to the site of letters of musics and sees the letters of musics of the DJ Tiesto.