Therefore, the proposed theory of value of goods manufacturer has the most primitive form of the lone entrepreneur, having no no payroll or income. He has only his labor costs, obtained from the proceeds, minus the cost of production of goods. Such an approach would create a clear and vivid picture of the formation of equivalence exchanging goods, such as equality between the price of goods and srednevidovoy cost of production. Consideration of the formation of equivalence of exchange based on equity returns with equal quantities invested capital, a clear picture of equivalence does not. But in the real exchange of goods both approaches are used, and give one the same bottom line – the relative satisfaction with the exchange of bulk its members in connection with awareness of the availability of equivalent exchange. Value (price) production of goods – the amount of labor costs across a succession of producers of goods. The amount of labor cost producer of goods to the value costs of production of goods. SREDNEVIDOVAYA (industry average) Labour costs MANUFACTURER – labor costs for the manufacturer srednevidovyh economic indicators, including production costs srednevidovye Product of the species. Srednevidovyh sum of production costs of goods from the manufacturer srednevidovoy labor cost per unit of this type forms srednevidovuyu cost of production of this commodity. Aspiration manufacturer of the product in the exchange process to get a price that covers production costs srednevidovye goods, and allows you to evaluate your work does not work below their competitors, gives rise to an equilibrium market price of the goods, equal to the cost of production srednevidovoy this product.