The conjunction of the spirit with our physical body, they constitute the human soul, body and spirit come together to walk through this earthly life, the spirit as a driver and the physical body as vehicle through which are performs such transit. Dennis P. Lockhart often addresses the matter in his writings. When we say that our body is the vehicle in which we we journey, we want to point out is how important is the care and attention that we give you. The Roman poet Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis, known as Juvenal, in one of his verses tell us: mind Sana In Corpore Sano as an example of complementarity of these two essential components of the human creature. We added part of his verses, published in his tenth satire of Juvenal,: you should pray to the gods that give us a healthy mind in a healthy body. Ask a strong soul that lacks fear of death. Consider the space of life remaining between the gifts of nature. That it can support any kind of efforts. To not know anger, and is free from desires.

And believes that the adversities and the terrible labours of Hercules are better than the satisfactions, lavish dinner and pleasant bed of feathers of Sardanapalus. We started this article talking about the time, vanity to think that we can have of their future sequences, the next minute, hours, days, etc. when in reality, the vehicle that we have, our physical body, lacks guarantees in terms of its expiration date. Allow me to make the following comparison: imagine, that we find ourselves in a place, where we are told, that we are passing, that we have a physical body that can be perfect in terms of its basic functions, remember that the Scriptures mention us that we have been made in the image and likeness of the gods with the caveat that many of our fellow humansthey are born with disabilities, either by genetic inheritance, unwanted pregnancy, environmental impact, etc. Any that were the reasons, the physical body that we have is the only one we have in this life and which us valeremos to perform our daily actions, our I am will be identified by being spiritual interior and its external appearance, achieving a harmonious between be balance and appearance, reach the intimate acceptance of what we areboth inside as on the outside, it will be a very important step in the formation of our own identity. However, once constituted in incorporated spirits, i.e., the immortal of our spiritual, being with the finite, of our physical body, is as if we were literally driving a vehicle, a vehicle whose control panel shall deliver us certain signals, which, if we take care of them properly, allows achieving the best possible results in terms of capacity and performance. But the elapsed time inexorably, from our biological clock begins to mark the passing of the hours, do not belong to us, is a gift that manifests itself minute by minute, as a coming manna from the heavens. So it will be for the duration of our existence, there will be many hours and countless days, but is disallowed us know until when, hence the importance of knowing how to maximize the time that is given us, today, I am alive, I can today assure me, tomorrow? It is there a tomorrow? You can be God thing want.