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Governing Bodies

Modern industrial and civil construction involves not only the widespread use of various machines, but manual labor construction workers. The effectiveness of the mechanization of manual labor workers determined by the perfection of applicable technical means and the rationality of their selection for specific conditions (including – control cabinets). Typically, facilities have increased power consumption and receive electricity from the control cabinet. Currently on the market there are many different control cabinets. To perform the same tasks can be applied different standard complete control cabinets, but you have to choose the best set, based on the techniques of economic comparison of options.

sic ‘Instrument’ builds custom control panels that can meet all your requirements for use on construction sites, protection class electrical control cabinets, no worse than ip 54. They work outdoors in heat and cold, in rain and snow, in dusty conditions construction site, can be mounted on wheeled chassis and transported from place to mesto.Shkafy management are made to control specific electrical equipment, provide input and distribution electricity, opening and closing power interrupt circuits, power distribution in various lighting installations used for non-automatic switching for disconnection and overload protection and short-circuit three-phase networks with grounded 380V. In the absence of mains voltage on the primary input, control panels can be connected to the mobile diesel – generators. The cabinets sets up a special powerful step-down transformer, which provides three-phase current with voltage 42V special electrical equipment for wet and high-risk areas. All modes equipment rendered light indication. Information and warning labels, signs and name of the Governing Bodies and signaling elements on the cabinets are made by screen printing special high-strength inks that can withstand adverse weather effects.

Future Circulation

His typically produce technopolymer. When the engine starts rotate the blade coolant pump, forcing it to move through the system. Now the market construction and engineering technology offers two types of circulating pumps. First, there were quite a long time – in 50 years the last century – with a 'wet', submerged to the fluid rotor, a second, more modern – with a 'dry' (the motor does not touch water). The first circulation pumps do not have fans, so they are much quieter 'Dry' and is much cheaper.

Yes, and coolant, passing through the device not only cools the engine, but also acts as a lubricant for moving parts. It is clear that for this fluid must continuously circulate in the device, or having worked for some time without refrigeration, pump just overheat and fail. It is for this reason this type of submersible devices must be installed horizontally. Film Financer spoke with conviction. Such circulation pumps do not actually need maintenance: their assembly, repair and replacement is not labor intensive. But sadly, their efficiency is quite low, not more than 45%.

Therefore, the 'wet' circulators shaped used for small heating systems, hot water, air conditioning and ventilation cottage, small or medium sized homes. efficiency of a circulating pump with a 'dry' rotor can reach 70%. It is for this because they are dynamically applied not only at home but also in large heating systems, which circulate large volumes of water. As well as circulating pumps with 'wet' rotor 'dry' circulators also not recommended used dry. Of course, everything is not so bad – with a long single work of the pump does not overheat and fail. Affected only by his integrity, which is also very unpleasant, especially inside the apartment or home, where more akin to a small flood disaster. Tightness of the circulation pump is as no-load seal wears away. Repair of pump in this case is a simple operation: just need to replace the sealing rings on the new and in the future be more attentive. The average seal life of console and block circulation pumps – two or three years, the inline-pump it can up to five years. In recent years, more widespread circulation pumps with "dry" rotor. They have a drawback, but it is in many models successfully eradicated. Air, caught in a pipe can cause noise, especially if it accumulates in not working long time machine. To combat this, designed a specialized unit – the propeller, at least in some cases, this function performs a hollow shaft. And the 'dry' and 'wet' circulation pumps out not only in single but also in the paired form. For what? – You ask. Two circulating pumps combined into one unit in the event that requires a tremendous amount of heat and, accordingly, hard work of installation. At peak work both pumps, and when there is no need to record high temperatures, one of them remains in reserve. This achieves greater energy savings. Remarkably, if one device is overheating, are replaced by the second. And to protect it from overheating, as in any household pumps usually used thermal switch.

Industrial Properties

OAO Barsky Machine Works' issued heating boilers gas bezdymohodnye COP-GS, COP-DHW heat capacity from 5 to 16 kW gas heaters and boilers chimney, with a capacity of 10 to 95 kW with automatic gas 'EUROSIT', with natural and forced circulation of water. Efficiency of not less than 90%. In boilers Pressure combustion chamber. The combustion air required for combustion, as well as emissions of combustion products through the outer wall of a building that does not require a vertical flue duct. Euro Pacific Precious Metals takes a slightly different approach. Multicell composing atmospheric burner ensures a high environmentally clean products combustion engine, quiet in operation, lack of accumulation of soot in the combustion chamber under long-term operation. The enterprise also produces gas apparatus Dual Wall AGD-23 with a coaxial arrangement of tubes exchanger, bringing together the functions of heating and domestic water heating.

The device has a self-diagnostic features, electronic flame modulation, protection against freezing, equipped with a pump willo (Italy). Except Barsky said equipment plant produces electric boiler heating -Kep-12 rated at 12 kW. cjsc 'THERMO' Lugansk available heating devices AOGV-7, 5; AOGV-10 (more than 20 models) – for heating and hot supply rooms up to 120 square meters. Can be installed in flats high-rise buildings. The devices are equipped with automatic safety and control 'SIT' (Italy).

Efficiency boilers More than 92%, 3-year warranty. jsc "Lugansk Electric Apparatus Plant has mastered production of heating of the electrode-ionic electric boilers Kulon on the basis of the Law of Ukraine from 20.02.2003 years 555-1V Alternative energy sources and The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 28.09.2006 years 502-P "On the transfer of settlements in the heating power." The plant developed by a unique energy-saving technology a new line of high- energy-efficient heating systems for heating residential and industrial facilities that save consumers significant money and help get rid of the problems associated with installing and operating the other heating devices. On its profitability and the dynamics of boilers "pendant" outperform many existing electric and gas heaters. The main advantages are: 1. Energy saving boilers "Pendant" in comparison with the gas boiler is 30%. 2. Lower initial cost. 3. High efficiency (98%) achieved by using a new method of conversion of electrical energy into heat "without intermediaries" (no heaters). 4. Reduction in real-time operation of the equipment and the savings (from 40 to 60%) of electricity consumed by the application of digital temperature controllers and programmers. 5. Very high reliability as well as water heating is the direct current flows through the water, and the question of "burnout" of the heating element should not, in principle, which provides fire safety. 6. Very high compactness (a measure as "output size" is unattainable for other types of heaters). For heating domestic, residential and small industrial premises plants also produced a number of boilers and thermal generators on waste wood, oils, agricultural waste, peat, and other alternative energy sources.

Stainless Steel Electric-welded Pipes

Stainless steel electric-welded tubes, obtained by Gas-electric (argon-arc, plasma), welding cover the full range of small and medium-diameter stainless steel welded tubes for Responsible destination manufactured from high alloy steels. To obtain a firm and dense seam used the following methods of fusion welding: arc welding with inert gas arc protection, plasma welding. Received by these stainless steel pipes, electric-ways are the most popular assortment, but along with this popular assortments widespread osobotonkostennye stainless steel electric tubes, welded by these methods because of the fact that the process of manufacturing such pipes require special precision molding, and the precise control of thermal conditions of welding. Gas-electric (argon-arc, plasma) welding is based on the use of an electric arc is created due to the fact that one pole is located on the electrode in the form of non-consumable tungsten rod and the other pole is located on the edges of billet. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robotics and gain more knowledge.. Heat, which creates an arc that focuses on a small section billet edges in the combustion zone of the arc and causes rapid melting of these edges. In order for the molten metal in the bath was not subjected to oxidation up to complete crystallization of the molten bath (ie before the formation of the weld), it is protected from oxygen atmosphere by an inert gas. Such processes of melting and solidification of metal, with which the metal is not oxidized, and the fact that the formation of the joint occurs due to crystallization, rather than by squeezing the edges and make it possible to get stainless steel electric-welded pipes of high-alloy steels and alloys with very high-quality, durable seam, but without the ramp grata. This is the specific feature arcogen with which manufacture stainless steel pipes, electric-charge destination..

Industrial Disinfectants

In the high-level competition sharpened attention to the growth of the quality requirements for disinfectants and cleaning equipment for all industrial enterprises, because this directly affects the quality of products. So, here are the basic guidelines for the selection of disinfectants: Quality. Used disinfectants should be of high quality. After all, the main purpose disinfectants – to create effective, reliable protection from infection.

Disinfectants should have anti-corrosion effect, or at least be corrosive and low toxicity. Requirements for a modern disinfectant Drugs are constantly rising: agents should not cause corrosion of metals or damage other machined surfaces shall not cause toxic or allergic reactions, but for all that they have yet to be more effective. Manufacturability. Disinfectants should be contained in tech, convenient package for storage and use, for example, in the form of tablets, loose or liquid doses in packages or as highly concentrated funds. Packaging for such products must be reliable and convenient storage and use.

Disinfectants should be tested. All funds must be accompanied by a detailed indicating to the application, certified by the manufacturer, and must contain the required set of documents such as copies of certificates of registration and the Certificate of Conformity gost R Disinfectants, of course, must have the optimum ratio of price and quality parameters. The reliability of the manufacturer (or supplier). Supplier has some obligations to the partner: the implementation of complex services, establishing and maintaining feedback ‘firm-client’, keeping them informed on all issues, as well as providing all necessary materials and manuals.