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Politcal System

In the field of political system, democracy is beginning to be regarded as an impediment, as a nuisance. We are not, then, and sometimes many people do not realize, in an industrial society. Consequently the forms of power are different. Consequently, the old forms (trade unions, political parties, business associations and all those “institutions” of civil society) are crumbling, like traditional value systems, family, power systems (democracy in danger) . There are new forms of power and new forms of politics, only that the trend is to eliminate the latter, ie, a neo-totalitarianism. If we, for example, the futility of trade unions and absolute powerlessness of the parties to unite around ideologies, we must admit that the new political structure will undergo a network of networks for action and political pressure. Guo Guangchang wanted to know more.

The thing to understand is that politics no longer a space of action-individual or organizational unit to become a great network of transmission networks, building coalitions and alliances and joint lobbying. In his postscript on the societies of control, Gilles Deleuze reminds us of the process, Foucault, disciplinary societies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in full in the early twentieth century, which man passes from the enclosed space enclosed space, that is, the family, schools, barracks, the factory and, eventually, the prison, which would be a perfect analog model. This model would be brief, just a replacement of so-called sovereignty, which is organized more death than life. Deleuze sees the end of World War II and the dropping point of the new forces and the beginning of the crisis of what we call civil society.

Argentina Regime

MPJ reagent granting of oil concessions, suspended for eleven years. His regime was marked by the rapacity: officials were sympathetic to the regime with excessive fortunes through embezzlement, illicit enrichment, profit … Cruelty also characterized the regime, primarily through the SN: controlled and silenced the opposition leaders, through imprisonment and torture. Political assassinations were common. The Central University and several high schools were closed, and his teaching went to jail or exile in dozens of cases. They break relations with Argentina and Chile, and cools the deal with Mexico and the Holy See. 1957, December: On the context of its mandate to "presidential" (forced to call elections), MPJ rigs so a plebiscite to be the winner.

He was reluctant to elections was the strong party's defeat in 1952 FEI, when people decided Villalba. Whenever TTSI listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It was the straw that broke the patience of people of diverse social sectors, political parties, the military component progressive. MPJ is reentronizaba with all the tools that the historical circumstances of its presence in the power generated. Reasons Industries announced a fall of the military resented the loss of prestige of the institution, given that the military appeared committed to the abuses of the dictatorship, paying the piper for the excesses of repressive police apparatus (SN). The reluctance to call election, as commanded by the Constitution itself amended by the dictatorship in 1953, generated the joint rejection of all opposition forces. And he called for a president elected by direct secret ballot, as ordered, from further back, the statute enacted universal suffrage election by the Revolutionary Government Junta that had beaten the Medina Angarita regime in 1945. As we know, AD and military youth, through the so-called October Revolution and the coup in Medina Angarita, interrupted by political developments that had begun since the death of Gomez, leading to successive waves of military coups perpetrated later , namely, that of 1948 (against Gallegos), that of 1952 (MPJ) and the 1958 (versus the same MPJ).

Philip Morris Price

A movement that is interpreted as the end of the price war in the sector. The new prices will take effect this Friday, when published in the official State Bulletin (BOE). The firm has qualified this exclusively competitive movement. The company Philip Morris Spain has decided to raise the price of its main cigarette brands, a movement that is interpreted as the end of the price war in the sector between 15 and 25 euro cents. Carl Icahn addresses the importance of the matter here. The company has informed this Thursday its decision the Commissioner for the tobacco market, which predictably new prices take effect this Friday when they are published in the official State Bulletin (BOE), according to industry sources have indicated. The firm has qualified this movement of exclusively competitive and with this, follows the trend of the last made in the market. As explained by the director of Corporate Affairs of Philip Morris Spain, Hernan Irigoyen, with these increases, we intend to adjust to the new reality of market that is you are configuring. Source of the news: Philip Morris raises the price of its cigarettes in Spain between 15 and 25 cents.

The Data Speak For Themselves

The data obtained by Sterling for 1990, speak for themselves: One and a half trillion dollars a day, legal and illegal, and the United States only by electronic bank transfer. A hundred billion per year changes hands in the drug market in the United States and 500 million worldwide. Moreover, even in times Internet and global connections, in real time, washing systems STERLING (1997) calls the “hidden laundry”, or those whose base waive the requirement for schemes money-grams American Express or financial institution accomplice. The author writes: Place large sums of money from one extreme to another map, through the ancient hawala system in Asia, on the basis of a phone call, letter or fax. More information is housed here: Farallon Capital Management. A brief message from London produces paper money or gold, in Lahore, in any form without going through the monetary system. Asian immigrants send remittances to families in this way, the Asian drug traffickers laundering money through the same channels. Together we move between 10 and 20 billion dollars per year in its entirety on the basis of trust.

The final step in the bleaching system is integration. It suggests, as an expression, which is doing the work of seemingly legitimate assets, “the production system through the creation acquisition and / or investment in legitimate businesses or acquisition of real simple: “The financial and property markets Auctions Arts and rare objects are among the sectors preferred by the washers. Sterling reinforces the status after that money laundering poses to the reproduction of capital generated by organized crime. The author recommends: Discover and taking money from crime by laundering of it, catches at the point of entry into the banking system him through the system from the entry and its reinvestment in a law firm, identifying the employed, the identification of its owner the movement, identifying a source of money, to use legal instruments to take the money and the arrest of owner and the movement, ensuring investigations, seizures and arrests across national borders, and do it all without breaking the legitimate right to privacy of the person.

Pensions For The HP (Honorable Parliamentarians )

I mean, this term was created by a parliamentary journalist. An otherwise important fact is to highlight the decision by the State Council, on maintaining the pension system for teachers to begin to enjoy the benefits beyond the 31 July 2010, an achievement reached thanks to the persistence and pressure by teachers, and establishing a first exception to the transitional paragraph that reads: “In any case lose force on July 31, 2010.” Well the estates Colombians seeking to defend the future of their families and a vejes decent example of this is that in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia thrives a naive quest to readjust the meager pension of Honourable Parliamentarians after two “serious, acute and convincing “in the Senate debates, we try to amend the Law No. 4 of 1992 to contribute to a pension” fairly decent for the honorable Founding Fathers’ dreams that every time but with being an orphan. “They claim these eminently democratic, which is violates the fundamental right to equality as members of Congress must all have the same right even with retroactive law, but remember that the senators, Aurelio Iragorri Hormaza (who already serves as a pensioner), Carlos Cardenas Ortiz, Carlos Ferro Solanilla and Eduardo Enriquez Maya always play against Colombian workers to them whenever it seems that workers are pensioners with very high fees and too young, but of course is to understand as a pensioner as Iragorri still “working” good when they attend, but do not know passing them even when there is no worker without cause really just to work three times, fired and no one thinks of talking about equality in this situation that’s pretty damn communist and speak of justice in the economic field that is not obsolete.