I thought it would be a documentary in turn tells the biography of each of the Great Ones. But it was an artistic movie, filmed in the best traditions of Hollywood. To the old Mona, a young journalist came to interview. And an old man, Claude, pacing the his famous garden, attached to the memories of bygone days, he sent a very young artist to hell and a workshop of his teacher and all the canons, made friends with Renoir, and Basil and ran to the winds of the creator. I will not tell a movie is stupid. But it is really worth a look. Even if you know a lot about the Impressionists – still stands.

As well, if you do nothing about them is known. He cleverly paints a picture, and fills minor gaps in your knowledge. For me, for example, surprising was the role of Paul Cezanne, although I was sure that good at this course. At the end of the movie the same guy, wearing a shirt with grease spots, do not ask Do we want to see what else the next Saturday, can a movie about a tragic fate of the great Georgian – Niko Pirosmini, or about the same tragic, but also, and short life of Arthur Rimbaud. This guy, I thought, is really clean and high motivation.

It attaches people to the arts. And in our world – this is already done. Viewers have put into the room and went to the bar, there were some food, tea and pechenyushki, they are still discussing the "lily", "lover of absinthe," "Olympia" and other paintings, and I went to the nearest bar – wash the throat. Out on the street, I lit a cigarette, and inhaled the frosty air mixed with smoke, thought that art is so good that is created and the saints, and sinners.