Must accustom ourselves to thinking that we are already there, that most of the goal is achieved. Great consultant today, Brian Tracy says the greatest discovery of human history, the assertion – that you become what you think most of the time. The way to achieve a big goal reminds me of the way through the desert to oasis. Unbearable heat, drink nothing but very, very desirable. And you going, because ahead coveted, cherished the moisture of life – an oasis. Most of the way you do not Videsh nothing but a hot wind in the face, hot sand, clogging the nose, mouth, ears and eyes. These are problems that must be overcome.

You always remember: there is an oasis, there is great reward for the meal, there is a great success. But here seemed a small shrub in the shade of which you can hide and not go further. Get more background information with materials from Kenneth Feinberg. Shrubs, though small, but crouching, stooping can somehow survive. Somewhere to unearth a sip, though tasteless, warm, yet dry. This is a ‘comfort zone’, to which we are accustomed. Oh how hard to step out of the zone, if you do not see, do not remember, can not imagine that in front of a big goal. Observed that the hardest part of the path to great success – is overcoming the ‘comfort zone’. Man with this band, and the longer it lives, the harder it get out of it, even if there is intolerable.

It happens that as if the dream is, and like seek to have something, and then you do not want to go. The reason is that in this situation have a dream, maybe even a bright and big, but not a big goal. A goal and a dream is not the same thing. Objective – this is specified and visualized dream. That is, overcoming the desert, you firmly know that every day you have to pass 15 kilometers under the scorching sun. And after 100 days you would be under high palm trees on the banks of the deep blue lake, where goldfish swim, fly red, yellow and green parrots, and the source bet is clean and cool water. And though you’re not there yet, not in an oasis, but already there! You will cling to the source of the lips, moisten dried up his body and there will come a moment of bliss Feel? But it then and now – sand, sun, wind, and it seems no more forces. Especially difficult the last kilometers. Often the person does not stand up and passed 149, turn back or to another side it reached only 1 kilometer, where waits a great success. Here’s a she, a great goal! The greater the difficulty, the greater the enjoyment of success. It should be remembered. If you set a big goal, it always makes doing what you never done before (that is, withdraw from the usual circle of ‘comfort zone’). If it does not mean there is not much purpose would not be a big success. Finished with the words of James Allen: ‘You can be as great as controlled you desire or as great as the prevailing passion over you. “.