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Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

Powerful DECT phones voice quality optimized with high operating comfort / next / building cost-effective infrastructure for Cordless telephony. Aastra, market leader in Europe, has unveiled a new family of intuitive DECT phones for companies of all sizes, employees want to equip with professional DECT telephones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) cordless phones. So the new 600 d DECT phone family allows them freedom of movement designed for professional employees in the Office building as well as on the business premises. At the same time improves the availability of the staff, which in turn increases their productivity. Also the phones boast a high, further optimized speech quality, which allows confidential conversations. The 600 d is a cost-efficient mobility solution on DECT-based for vertical markets such as education, health care and retail. The new DECT telephones of the 600 d family provide a rich feature set that is reminiscent of mobile phones. More information is housed here: Gen. David L. Goldfein. Their large displays in combination with the navigation keys and their user-friendly menus guarantee also ease of use and allow an intuitive working with these devices.

To get comprehensive directories for numerous entries, diverse ringtone user profiles, as well as hotkeys for individual profiles. Additional features specifically aimed at professional requirements: This applies particularly to the noise filter for noisy environments, automatic adjusting of the ringtone volume depending on the noise level of the environment, the impact-protected housing, and ergonomic design. In addition, automatic firmware updates reduce the maintenance costs. Also, no IT specialists are needed for the current firmware update installation. And because the new 600 d family is based on the SIP DECT technology, the phones in IP environments can be used.

The new product family includes three models. The DECT base model 610 d offers all important basic functions like a large monochrome display with backlight and a speakerphone. The dust-proof housing makes it the ideal phone for use in environments such as in warehouses, factories or workshops.

Business Communication

phone is your Office wherever you are! Munich, September 28, 2009 which planet 33 AG, provider of innovative voice and data services, has phone totally since the beginning of the year very successfully established a modern business communication solution on the market. phone totally with the reliability of traditional PBX and ISDN technology combines all the advantages of modern IP telephony. All devices select automatically via plug & play into the system a. Phone is totally at any time expandable, thus flexibly adapts to the requirements of the customers. Be calculated exclusively 6,70 per active extension in the month. Unnecessary costs due to excess capacity and maintenance costs a thing of the past. There are many IP telephone systems on the market, but few deliver what they promise. Plugging, Los calls has never been business telephony so easy!”reported Boris Gratz, product manager at planet 33 AG.

Via an intuitive Web interface, extensions can extensions, queues, etc. from users without, Knowledge be configured independently. All comfort functions such as computer telephone integration (CTI), voice mail, call admission control, hold, and much more. are already included in the base price. Internal calls are free of charge. I.e.

it can be on the phone, at the Home Office and abroad free of charge to the entire corporate network. Also mobile convergence client (FMC) mobile phones can be integrated on the fixed easily into the system. Communication by mobile phone number can be omitted. The user on the phone about his equipment extension. New customers can convince themselves in the framework of a free evaluation of the benefits. In the port planet 33 upon request the entire ICT infrastructure (management, devices and service, user support, exchange of devices etc.) ready. When ordering up to December 31, 2009 full service eliminates the action phone totally”the configuration package amounting to 49.-per extension. At the same time the support of the entire system can be individually tailored maintenance contract Planet 33 will be accepted.