This time I strongly recommend a multilevel just launched on October 20 this year (2009) called, Virtual Global Opportunity (GVO). The truth is that I had not thought of joining any other MLM business, thought to focus on those already developed, but when I heard about this business, I have made yourself a complete multi level, one could say that perfect for me, and I could not let it go. Nicholas Carr is the source for more interesting facts. This business pleased me both by three very important things: 1: Company solid: Its creator is a very Networker has long recognized that quality by offering virtual services, GVO actually existed, it was called KIOSK, just not previously offered multilevel business opportunity now offers, in addition to that you have added some new tools to the package. 2: Products / services quality, high demand: GVO offers high-quality tools that any person engaging in Internet business, or who wishes to develop, needs, and as this package has included business opportunity, the tools will greatly useful for the whole join. The tools GVO offers are unlimited hosting service. Autoresponder Unlimited. Conference room. Creator of videos and lodging.

Monitoring tool for Web sites. Among other tools, and training to be able to develop business in the best way. If you want to hire every thing in this package separately, you spend more than $ 100 a month, but GVO offers it to you just $ 44 a month, and also offers the opportunity not only to self-fund your account, but to create an excellent extra income may increase to more than $ 4,500 a month.