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Defenders Day

In February, celebrate one of the few holidays that can be called purely masculine. This Feb. 23, during the Soviet holiday called Day of the Soviet Army and Navy, and celebrated in the Soviet Union. Each man was waiting for this day, revered him, remembering the heroic deeds of their fathers and grandfathers during the Great Patriotic War. At that time there was the question going into the army or not, as 'zakosit', a white ticket.

Just all the young guys understand that they must pay tribute to the motherland and their ancestors who protect her, to serve 2 – 3 years, if served in the Navy. They came back from there a mature man, hardened, physically strong, proud that they have fulfilled his duty. In our time, on February 23 or as it is called, a new Motherland Defender Day is marked on a lot more modest, and the attitude of many very different now to the service. After the collapse of the Soviet Union to join the army in the opinion the majority of youth, was a waste of time. It is better to walk, . For many young people's army can radically change their lives and instill in them discipline, to help in this transitional age, some after the service reconsider their attitude toward their parents, others. But there are many men who honor the holiday, educate and train their sons to go to the army as their fathers and grandfathers. After all, what would have been home – she have one, and we must always be ready to defend it, as it was not time, and to repel the enemy, as our ancestors did.

On the day of the Fatherland Defender female half of the cis countries congratulate the men with their well-deserved holiday knowing that there is a family a man who will be able to protect them. The best gifts for this holiday, of course, will be cards on 23 February, and most importantly congratulations to their close and loving women. It does not matter as would be called a holiday. The main thing is how we belong to him. The most important thing is to keep the memory of the merits and deeds of our fathers and grandfathers who did everything that we could live freely in our homeland.

Celebrating the New Year

According to statistics, only two out of ten people would like to celebrate the New Year alone. Most such a prospect does not please. But if it so happened, then you should not really be upset and run to despondency. Costs and in this situation to arrange for a nice evening: beautiful decorated table with delicious food, scented candles, be sure to make a wish and think only of pleasant moments of last year, which brought good luck, imagine how things will be good and so it is beyond doubt happen in the new year. If you are forced to celebrate the New Year far from friends in another city or just crazy like 'irony', here an option – Suddenly in this city, too, there is a street which is called as well as your own, house, apartment maybe it is fate? accepting congratulations to the new year can be in the company of friends and girlfriends. And so where are you going to do – in the sauna, night club or some other fun place – there can be up to you. Here and fun, and the likelihood of a happy dating guaranteed.

The more that luck is very fond whisk yes pairs. Nice to spend time and get lucky and you can at a meeting of the new year with relatives. It seems at first glance nezamanchivoy prospect, but if you look, you can get even a very sincerely and fun. Give everyone on lottery tickets and let everyone meet in anticipation of the holiday unexpected good luck. What if? However, not sure in which case then recall who gave the tickets. But surely it is best to accept congratulations for the new year 2011 and from friends and relatives from being at this time with a loved one. However, do not make this evening special plans and do not expect everything to the minute, let everything will suddenly and spontaneously.

Do not expect from him even in this wonderful night of marriage proposal. Maybe he is going, but Be ahead loved one, a declaration of love first. Then he will appreciate your courage, and then certainly say those treasured words that are waiting with impatience any girl. Good luck!