Diet, sleep and exercise are important factors for the strengthening of the immune system the immune system protects damage tissue by pests. It is the biological response of higher organisms. The immune system can remove their own cells are altered, or not properly working. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Federal Reserve Bank. It is distinguished in medicine the innate immune response and the Adaptive immune system. The non-specific immune response is genetic and is from small to exist. She is active in a few minutes. However, is not quite as fast, for the specific immune system but can adapt to it. Because viruses are constantly changing, this is important, in the course of life to protect themselves against these.

The immune system consists of three basic things: the mechanical barrier is the first hurdle for dangerous pests. These include the skin, stomach, eyes, mouth, and for example, intestinal. Cells: the T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes and macrophages are the most important cells of the immune system. Follow the Immune response and response from. The humoral components are antibodies, Interleukins and the complement system. Antibodies are formed.

These destroy the invader or highlight it, at least for other cells, then to destroy them. The actual immune response should overcome the first mechanical barrier to pathogens, are new, the body-unknown pests with macrophages and dendritic cells in contact. Phagocytes are now active. They eat the agents formally (include) and show the properties of the pest of T – and B-lymphocytes. Once this is done, immune cells are used. You kill off the pathogens or make antibodies. Antibodies and memory cells ensure that the body with a renewed attack by the pathogen has a “means” against the invader. Thus, the second immune response takes place very quickly. This must not necessarily lead to the infection. There can be several reasons why the body is not infected or not fully break out the disease. So the pathogen may be harmless the immune system strongly enough small amounts of combat or the number of pathogens to be low. Learn more about the immune response in the student dictionary. What does a positive effect on the immune system? 5 Things that stand for a strong immune system are well known. So everyone should eat balanced. Important nutrients are zinc, iron, and selenium. The current possibilities to cover themselves with fresh food are good. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten every day. You can support the immune system with vitamins (C, and A). Sufficient sleep is part of a healthy diet. Depending on the age of the people, important peace should be given to the body. Antibodies are built much faster in his sleep. Adults should sleep 6 to 8 hours per day, to regenerate the body. Sport in the intense version is not good for the human immune system. Slows down the production of important antibodies. However, movement is also important, to bring the body into ride- Defense System. Short-term stress makes it possible to provide us with maximum performance. Already, our ancestors had to face dangers in nature. Constant stress is bad for the defense forces. Stress hormones are sustained stress vermehr produced. The healthiest way of life brings nothing but if nicotine or alcohol are consumed.