What kind of paper should you choose to write your resume on? The color of paper you want to use will be white or ivory. You also want to write your resume on a heavier paper, like a bonus to 20. How to write a resume-ERROR # 2 does not extend to the wrong job! Focus on targeting your resume to a specific job. If the job you are looking for is that of a receptionist, you want the person reading your resume to know this. The employer may have several openings, and do not know if you are applying for work as a receptionist or maintenance position.

Always make sure that refers to the position you want. How to write a resume-NO Life Stories! You want to keep your resume short, one page is optimal, more than two is disastrous. Keep your resume clear, concise and relative to labor market particular. Remember, the person reading your resume has no desire or intention to read his life story. How to write a resume-ERROR # 4 DO NOT FORGET THE FIELD! The most important thing to remember when writing your resume is your qualifications. Write a short paragraph for the opening of “selling yourself. You want to come across as capable and qualified, however, does not want to sound like a narcissist, so do not over do it. Show confidence and strength through his words written, but avoid boasting.