If you want to buy a property, one of the best options is to go to buy real estate on planes, since it is a very useful way and that this could be great benefits, however before you get into this type of purchase, it is best well study the situation that involves the future construction and the same business, to avoid serious problems in the future. The modality of purchase of real estate on planes, as it assumed its name, is a purchase that occurs even though you have not started the construction work, which suggests in many cases that who made the work is in the process of obtaining legal that suggests the construction as well as permissions is seeking to achieve count with a number sufficient buyers of the project and in such a way to ensure the provision of sufficient resources to allow you to take step to the realization of the project. These conditions mean that the person concerned subscribe Trust commissioned, which sets the price, the conditions on which the work will begin and later the signing of a promise of sale. The above can be said that It is a previous step to the realization of the effective purchase and fiduciary participation will be the guarantee of the party concerned that the money I give as initial resources for the work to be returned in the event of not achieving the realization of the project on the conditions agreed upon by the parties. At this point it is important to highlight that trust commissioned does not mean the configuration of the promise of sale, it is a contract in which an investment for the later purchase of a property is given. This contract is not signed with the construction but with a fiduciary entity, which administer the capital both for the necessary resources for building or for disbursements. This whole process of purchasing property on planes, involves who already made an investment may need to wait that a certain number of investors and therefore a certain capital has, this so that the constructor can make the construction of the work, i.e.

that achieved a point of balance, which is determined in the trust agreement. At the moment in which the point of equilibrium is achieved step will be given to the configuration of the promise of sale by the construction company with all investors fiduciary entity shall deliver to the construction entity resources needed for construction and materialization of the work which is in planes, in other words ran the project. But may be not reaching the point of equilibrium, since the constructor cannot sell individual housing projects, which will have as a consequence that the fiduciary entity return investors money that they had provided for the purchase of real estate on planes, such which as he has been established in the trust agreement; therefore from the fiduciary should pay close attention to all the conditions that are established there.