The real estate market is in expansion. That does that continuously new operators and real estate agents, also known like " realtors" , their services and advising, increasing the options of enter the market, offering which is faced before the one of in case not very simple task of buying or of selling their property. How it can make to choose to the real estate agent that agrees to him more? Next we offered certain advice who will help him with this important decision and on which the success will depend and satisfaction him of all the process which it must face before any transaction of real estate. real estate agent must to be professional, that she transmits security, that has an ample knowledge of the market and the different processes from purchase and sale, the additional contracts and documents that are required, the professional must have its valid license and activates, approved by the state where it is, and to enjoy a good reputation and prestige in the real estate sector and on the part of financial organizations, Must be a person with whom an excellent relation can be established agent-client, where much confidence exists, since it is in game its patrimony, the one of its family or company, the agent must advise to its client in all regarding the financing, when having the capacity to identify the power of purchase of the same, and must count on all the knowledge of Finances, real estate Valuation, Real estate, Titles of Property, Marketing and Sales. To buy or to sell a property is not simple task. For that reason, it looks for the people who are described to help him, and who demonstrate the best disposition to do it. It looks for which daily strives for being better professionals and better human beings, and surely will achieve the absolute success in this most important task of buying or of selling their property.