Well, First, parking domain names is the kind of commercial activity, which is so dream all, without exception, the entrepreneurs. To make a profit, almost do not need to do anything. Registered domain, became a member of a parking lot and … all. After that, it is only necessary to periodically check your personal account and withdraw from the service-earned money in the parking lot. Secondly, the parking of domain names allows domainers to make a demonstration of contextual advertising. And so what, you ask? But that – perhaps someone forgot to show contextual advertising (in the case of full-fledged Internet resources) are in their pages, not all sites. The green light is given only to those who meet certain criteria (traffic volume, the subject project, etc.).

Such restrictions in parking business there! Consequently, context can monetize every single domain. The advantages of the parking business include some domainers, and the fact that parked domains may eventually 'grow into' certain indicators indexing. In other words, search engines will increase the rating values (PR and TCI) for such domains. It seems that this view can belong to only a beginner domainers who are not yet late to understand all the intricacies of this business. The fact is that virtually all parking services deliberately block indexing of domain search engines (this is done via the settings file robot.txt). Therefore, on any growth 'puzomerkov' parked domains can not be considered. The main drawback of the domain parking, in our view, is associated with the inability to unwind a parked domain name in order to promote for of the traffic.