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Motorcycle Meeting

“Touring Partner Hotel Palazzo Mysanus is looking forward to the 1st Bike days Samedan Samedan, 27.04.2011 – Engadine – the Mecca of the touring”, this motto a special offer for the elaborated motorcycle driving Guild. The hotel very popular during the summer with motorcycle riders, is many years partner hotel of the fifteen years of successful touring supplier concept. More so is thrilled hotel about the commitment by Riccardo Ravo and Oliver value man of the Samedan tourist information, organizing the 1st bike days in Samedan from the 3rd 5.06.2011. “An event in the unique environment of the upper Engadine, where the programme itself should make: guided mountain passes, Sicherheitsfahrtraining, biker evening with unplugged” concert and game of skill, a skill game with Super prices, as the Organizer pointed out. The Touring Hotel is pleased anyway, according to Monika Martin, hostess to guests driving wheel and the first bike days in Samedan, who worship in the village church at Samedan conclude on June 5 with a biker be. For assistance, try visiting Guo Guangchang.

The 1624 built Engadine house runs from Hotel Palazzo Mysanus since 2003 by Monika Martin music & culture. In the partly in Chambers held the modern design, as well as nostalgic Swiss stone pine rooms also a part is the guest Engadine history gives the vaulted ceilings, partly also with cross vaults, have been from the construction period still preserved and completely renovated in the year 2003 at the opening of the hotel. Since 2006, the hotel is a partner of exclusive Swiss historic hotel group and carries the quality seal of Swiss Tourism Federation..

Inglourious Basterds

To the Berlinale, Jews enjoy law, Matt Damon, and Juliette Binoche culinary merits saying Berlin Bookatable, where. Hamburg, February 2013. The Berlin Film Festival, one of the most important dates for stars and starlets of the European and American film. This year numerous Hollywood celebrities to guest are from February 7th again in the capital to present their films and possibly with the Golden bears to go among other home: Jude Law, Matt Damon, the great Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche and Ethan Hawke. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nicholas Carr. Famous names, which are the capital to shame.

In addition to all the many launch events and press conferences, one thing above all is important for the stars but: the nightlife of Berlin., Europe’s largest restaurant guide with allocator, knows in which restaurants the movie stars in the nights of the Berlinale culinary start parties. Al Contadino Sotto le point the master Italian by Brad Pitt and Tarantino literally translated is this Italian Restaurant to the farmer under the stars”. The homemade pasta and other Italian culinary highlights in Berlin-Mitte already Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino rejoiced here together with the film crew of Inglourious Basterds,”which included the German stars Daniel Bruhl, Til Schweiger and Diane Kruger, often sound out left the days of shooting. Bookatable conclusion: More likely to meet the one or the other Berlinale-star and above all: best Italian cuisine! restaurant Florian Deneuve in Charlottenburg? Since more than a quarter century belongs to the restaurant Florian”solid institutions in the vicinity of the Zoological Garden in the West of Berlin. Stars such as Wim Wenders, Harvey Keitel or Otto Sanders enjoyed here already the cosy atmosphere of the hotel, that convinced especially with regional dishes Bookatable conclusion: also the Deneuve should have celebrated here may also in this year… sale Tabacchi stars of PR Watch Directly under the Redaktionshaus of the taz, the Italian restaurant sale tabacchi is popular spot for interviews with the stars and starlets of the Berlinale.

Kurhaus Spa

Hotel Delfin SPA is beautifully located and Delfin SPA offers spa facilities In the hotel relax spa guests in the modern and extensive Spa area. Through the diverse offerings are leisure at their expense, who need some extra help during their stay in Poland. This is true for example for those who would take off during the treatment. During a treatment in the Hotel Delfin SPA can consult not only allow, but enjoy the applications. Professor of British History is open to suggestions. Much of the spa can stimulate the metabolism and significantly facilitate removing it. Off must be not difficult.

There is the right help, even spa guests can lose weight, which are so far failed in their attempts. As essential spa guests can can also explain, how they can easily calculate the correct portions. Already after a few exercises interested participants know when they eat properly and when it gets too much. The success quickly turns and this is also because that man in the hotel Delfin SPA parallel ensures adequate exercise. The activity programs are suitable for everyone.

Experience with sports is not necessary. The claims also meet the physical requirements. The professionals at Hotel help vacationers their calculations. This is important for those who hate to less food and take the alternative and are accordingly more moving. The positive side-effect is that sports in the long term reduce the excessive hunger and is robust at the same time the organism. Even the spa guests, who are then like to arrange with other holidaymakers to joint actions feel that. Excursions in the beautiful surroundings will be worthwhile. Dolphins know the staff at the Hotel SPA many beautiful destinations that are easy to reach. Unless by bike or on foot, all guests experience a particularly beautiful day, which they later can enjoy a good dinner in the hotel. But also those who would prefer to spend the entire stay only in the Kurhaus, be good entertain. The many spa services are more than just a pleasant pastime. You also have a therapeutic effect. The beauty treatments are also becoming increasingly popular and not just for female guests. You are a good opportunity to make an interesting and new skin care tips and on the spot to give it a shot a lot. is the website with many important details about the Spa in Poland.