Between the different measures anti-crisis that we can carry out daily, without doubt is the possibility of facing smart shopping that will allow us to save without therefore losing quality. One of these purchases, which in cities as Madrid is essential, especially if you live away from the city centre, is the acquisition of a car to be able to navigate easily there where not reach public means of transport. Especially in the case of have children will need a vehicle of certain dimensions and security to carry them comfortably from one side to another with us. One of the options for those who want a car of a certain level, without surprises, is to inform about used cars in Madrid at the Motor City where there are dozens of vehicles in perfect conditions at very competitive prices. The advantage of being covered by a dealer of these characteristics is that cars have a perfectly detailed history which is a guarantee of quality for the customer that buys a second car with all hands in this way the a new car warranties.