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Street Educator

Sometimes lack of professional recognition for a job or have deficient, suffers political pressure or does not have adequate resources to achieve all its goals. It is then that can be changed into a mere transmitter of benefits and services, without leaving room for rebellion, criticism, utopia or conquest of new values. As this is a reality that exists in no small estates can make a educators relationship type eejerceru resigned some to function in different ways and under the control of the contracting entities – liability Street Educator: This is an impassive character, irrelevant, conformist, without ambition for what he does, indifferent, condescending . Or implied, nor is complicated, not replicated. – Street Educator tech: It is too stringent in terms of methods, strategies, scientific theories. . . eeducador of manualu could call, for which there can be no innovations or own contributions.

– Adapted Educator Street: Dedicated to serve without too many illusions, with mediocrity, limited in its claims, with little effort and vague intentions. ecumpleu just the minimum required. – Street Educator convinced: He is a optimistic, creative, change engine, which supports initiatives, stimulating groups, active, balanced and realistic. The sights are on the full development of individual and community transformation. The complex role demands Educator flexible and heterogeneous development and certain personal qualities to be able to respond to daily situations that arise in the exercise of their profession. Although it is an innovative new profession, which are added more and more young supporters and people with a high degree of readiness, there is no doubt that his reason for being is the need of competent characters to maneuver and stir serious conflicts and problems caused by today's society.