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Stainless Steel Electric-welded Pipes

Stainless steel electric-welded tubes, obtained by Gas-electric (argon-arc, plasma), welding cover the full range of small and medium-diameter stainless steel welded tubes for Responsible destination manufactured from high alloy steels. To obtain a firm and dense seam used the following methods of fusion welding: arc welding with inert gas arc protection, plasma welding. Received by these stainless steel pipes, electric-ways are the most popular assortment, but along with this popular assortments widespread osobotonkostennye stainless steel electric tubes, welded by these methods because of the fact that the process of manufacturing such pipes require special precision molding, and the precise control of thermal conditions of welding. Gas-electric (argon-arc, plasma) welding is based on the use of an electric arc is created due to the fact that one pole is located on the electrode in the form of non-consumable tungsten rod and the other pole is located on the edges of billet. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robotics and gain more knowledge.. Heat, which creates an arc that focuses on a small section billet edges in the combustion zone of the arc and causes rapid melting of these edges. In order for the molten metal in the bath was not subjected to oxidation up to complete crystallization of the molten bath (ie before the formation of the weld), it is protected from oxygen atmosphere by an inert gas. Such processes of melting and solidification of metal, with which the metal is not oxidized, and the fact that the formation of the joint occurs due to crystallization, rather than by squeezing the edges and make it possible to get stainless steel electric-welded pipes of high-alloy steels and alloys with very high-quality, durable seam, but without the ramp grata. This is the specific feature arcogen with which manufacture stainless steel pipes, electric-charge destination..