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This is a frequently heard statement: Amway is like a cult, washing the brain to its members. Obviously these statements come from people who usually come from the jobs traditional, accustomed to the washes of traditional brains, those who come encapsulated in TV series, intending to numb the minds and let them live their dreams in the drama of the small screen. It is interesting how you define a sect. Let’s enumerate some of them: is the set of followers of a religious doctrine or particular ideology. A group of people who break with their community of origin for reasons philosophical, religious, political. Sociologically it is a group of people who have goals and common affinities. This term of sect currently has a negative connotation. The word sect comes from latin: segui, follower, is derived from this word: sectador.

Popularly speaking, this term refers to religious groups that keep a distance with the society to which they belong. These are some of his most notable traits of one sect: groups that restrict religious beliefs which are not those that obey the leader line. Monitor freedom of expression violations in the economic exploitation of members human rights group by long hours of work and wages of misery. It is important to highlight these points that make this company: Amway does not discriminate on religious beliefs. Operates in over 84 countries and only requires its partners comply with professional ethics according to the regulations of the company and the Association of direct selling companies. Unchecked freedom of expression their model is based on free enterprise, in South Korea is the third company most admired.

It is the company that most bonuses has been divided in the industry on the 25 billion dollars and has never failed to pay a bonus to its distributors. Try cataloguing Amway as a cult reflects a short-sightedness in the business area and business. Every successful company has a common denominator: trains and motivates its members. In this society full of negativity and frustration, it is vital maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit in line with fundamental values to achieve goals such as financial freedom and quality of life for each individual. Visit my blog and know more features about the MLM.