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Solving Problems

By contrast, when problems are faced become food that strengthen your image. Dan Miller is a great source of information. And after solving the problems, as leader, sales strengthened. The problems represent obstacles to overcome on the road towards organizational maturity, are the resistances in the path to business excellence. In this regard need to welcome when they appear, because they are signs that something needs to change, you are in with a chance. For the Chinese crisis also represents opportunity. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dennis Lockhart. The key to handle problems when they occur is to have the right perspective. You can see them as a threat or an opportunity.

So when you see problems not only think of problems, also sees opportunities. The difficulties can bring opportunities hidden beneath the sleeve. Now, it is important to distinguish when one is faced with a problem or against a chance. It is not always clear whether the leader facing a problem or an opportunity. And this is very important for the management of the leader How do I know that is confronting a problem or address an opportunity? Peter Drucker has the answer, he says: a The solve a problem by simply restores the normal, but progress comes from exploiting necessarily oportunidadesa . He adds the author mentioned: a Oeun problem is something that threatens the ability of the organization to achieve its objectives, and when they appear they must be resolved, but the opportunity is something that offers the possibility of overcoming the Objectivist . The opportunity represents important in terms of growth and superior results, the problem represents what must be corrected.