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Social Preconception Against Deficiency

One of the aspects that mark the relations deeply sociaisda person with deficiency is the ignorance, in the direction of lack to know and deausncia of knowledge. How much to this we can say that … ignorance is not attribute only of the poor oudos that have little study. He is something that is present in all the social classes, in many families, groups of entrepreneurs, employees of government (federal, state or municipal) e, even though, in many doctors who did not seespecializaram in rehabilitating carrying people of deficiency or that not tmprtica in the treatment of some restrictions of the body (light or deep) (RIBAS, 1996, p.63, prominence of the author). Ribas (1996) places the ignorance as being responsible porpreconceitos related to the people who have deficiencies, therefore when algumno knows, it starts to find, thus being able to make interpretations that many vezesfogem of the reality of the life of the people with physical deficiency, mental ousensorial. On Ribas preconceptions (1996, p.64) still in the ones of the aseguinte contribution: …

in greater or minor degree, all somospreconceituosos we. Nobody escapes. Not even university and academic researchers. This because the first impression is always prejudiced, since estrelacionada something with which never we had contact. It is truth that university ospesquisadores and academic (over all the ones that works with ascincias human beings) they reelaboram the preconception who exist inside of them, until mesmopara to obtain to search. there, then, obtains to enxergar what it is for trsda first image. The preconception with regard to vemmuitas people with deficiency times imbudo of a negation feeling, that is, the vista deficiency only as limitation or as incapacity. The society, even so has umdiscurso that it nails the social inclusion of people with deficiency, still sees essaspessoas for what they do not have, or for what they are not.