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Business Updates for the Real Estate Industry

Small Investments

If the totals agree with those that appeared in your business plan, or, better yet, exceed them, then prolonged the visa for the next year you get without any restrictions. As you can imagine, from the previous two paragraphs imply the following: In the first year of the company to manage it, you can take only a quarter of the time. So, when small investments should not be expected in the first year any over-income, because you have to spend on the manager, who will be engaged by three-quarters of the year, during your absence. For investors and those who did not initially expected to have to manage business is not relevant. They incur these costs will always have that predyavlyaet certain requirements for the minimum yield. Your business can not be a 'paper'. That is, a firm must actually work and generate profits.

Otherwise, your first business visa will last. Having the prolonged visa, you can already get used to the new location. Rent or buy property for a comfortable stay, bring the family. Send their children to German school. Well, next on the list scheduled. With good outcome activity, since the middle of the second year of your firm gets the right to seek, to provide you a short-term three types of residence. As a rule, receive the document is a fairly simple procedure and requires no intervention, even a lawyer. No additional benefits over the business visa is resolution does not, but change your status from the viewpoint of the German authorities, a very important thing and talking about your loyalty.